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Running your own small business can be a lonely and challenging experience…

Are you looking for someone with business experience, with whom you could confidentially discuss your business issues, review your strategy and how things are going, and act as a sounding board for your ideas?

If so, a Dormen business mentor might be able to help you. No business is too small for Dormen to support.

This is what some of our existing clients say about their mentors:

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The Dorset Business Mentoring Programme (Dormen) provides one-to-one mentoring support for small businesses across Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole. We are working with about 160 clients at the moment and, since it started in 2005, the programme has supported over 1400 businesses, ranging from sole traders to medium sized companies. We currently have a team of over 100 male and female mentors who are all volunteers.

Whilst mentoring does not work for everyone or every business, feedback from our past clients shows that the majority were very satisfied with the experience of working with their mentors and found it beneficial both to their businesses and personally – particularly in terms of helping them to focus on priorities, reviewing business strategy and pursuing their plans with greater confidence. Indeed, research shows that mentored businesses survive considerably longer, and are more likely to grow, than un-mentored businesses.

Mentoring is a relationship between two parties, where one (the mentor) gives the other (the client) guidance and support to achieve agreed objectives. Mentors cannot work miracles but they can use their business experience to help clients review their operations and future plans, and act as a sounding board. They can also provide encouragement and support to help clients achieve those plans. However, they do not provide business advice or consultancy.

Dormen Business Mentors are experienced business and professional people who give their time and expertise voluntarily. They are trained in business mentoring and kept up to date with recent developments in business knowledge and skills through our continuing programme of development.

If you are a small developing business, a Dormen mentor may be able to provide you with help from a business person who has been there and done it! A business can be referred to the scheme by a recognised business support body, such as Business Link or a bank, or you can request a mentor yourself.

The programme has been developed through a partnership of local authorities, public sector agencies, private sector agencies, private sector institutions and Higher/Further Education establishments.

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