Want a Mentor?

A mentor is someone who:

  • Is a supporter – someone with business experience who wants to help
  • Helps clients to find solutions using their experience and knowledge
  • Helps clients agree their business priorities & plans
  • Provides encouragement and support to achieve the plans
  • Helps clients develop their skills and act for themselves
  • Someone who is interested and listens
  • Someone you can talk to – a sounding board
  • Someone who can raise issues and difficult questions and help to bring a fresh perspective on problems and difficulties

A mentor is often simply defined as a “friend in business”. A mentor is not:

  • Someone who tells you how to run your business. It is your business and you are always in the driving seat.
  • Someone to make difficult decisions for you
  • A miracle worker with a magic wand!
  • A mentor is there to help you find solutions using their experience and knowledge. They are not there to make decisions for you. A mentor is not there to run your business for you.

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