Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much time will being a Dormen mentor take?
A: This depends on a number of factors such as how many business clients you are willing to work with. However, on average it will probably work out as about half a day per month per business.

Q: How many businesses will I be asked to mentor?
A: This is entirely up to you! You will only be asked to take on as many clients as you are willing to support. We never forget that our mentors are volunteers!

Q: What sort of businesses will I be asked to mentor?
A: Again this depends on your business skills and experience, as well as your own preferences. However, it is worth pointing out that, because of the very nature of Dormen, the majority of our clients are sole traders or small partnerships.

Q: Is a volunteer mentor the same as an unpaid business adviser?
A: No. Mentoring is about supporting clients to find their own solutions, not giving them advice or telling them what they should do or how to run their businesses. See this page for further information. As such, mentoring can sometimes be a challenging and frustrating role for some very experienced business people who are used to operating with a more directive style. If this sounds like you, think carefully before volunteering to join the mentor team.

Q: Will I be paid for mentoring?
A: No. All Dormen mentors are volunteers who give their time freely. However, mileage expenses for mentoring within the county are available.

Q: Does mentoring sometimes lead to doing paid work privately for clients?
A: No. This is totally contrary to the spirit of Dormen mentoring. If this is what you are looking for, Dormen is not for you!

Q: What training is provided?
A: All mentors are invited to attend a half day induction workshop which covers the basic essentials. After that, there are regular mentor meetings for updates, training and networking (approximately 3-4 per year) as well as occasional workshops on business topics.

Q: Am I right in assuming that most Dormen mentors are retired men?
A: Not really! In fact, over 50% of mentors are still working in one way or another, and about a quarter of mentors are women.

Q: I'm retired, can I apply to become a Dormen mentor?
A: Many of our mentors are retired and they make a huge contribution to the work of Dormen. However, mentors need to be reasonably up to date with business practice etc. and so we usually prefer new mentors to join us within 12 months of retiring. If in doubt, contact us!

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