FSB Magazine features Ross’s Mentoring

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has featured Ross Nichols, one of Dormen’s volunteer mentors, in a recent article about the benefits of mentoring.

The article includes a case study about SOS Swim, the Dorset business run by Maureen and Amanda Bursey, who have been working with Ross for the last two years.

The business is buoyant, having recorded an upturn in revenue of nearly 40 per cent in the last figures. “We’re a stronger business now,” said Amanda. “We look at things in a different way; evaluating ideas and setting goals objectively rather than emotionally.” Maureen added: “A lot of this is plain commonsense, but it really helped to have someone looking in from outside the business to help us see it.”

Ross, whose main career was in the Royal Engineers, which included gaining an MBA from Cranfield University, said: “As a mentor, seeing people improve and achieve success is inspiring. You listen, challenge, and help them understand their situation so they can make an informed decision, but never recommend a specific course of action.

The full article can be read here.