The case for long term mentoring

Dormen mentor

Independent research on the impact of Dormen mentoring on responding businesses demonstrated that businesses which have longer periods of mentoring tend to report higher % sales improvement than those which have been mentored for shorter periods. In other words, the longer the period of mentoring, the greater the profit improvements.

Such are the benefits of working with a mentor that many past Dormen clients come back to us for a further opportunity to work with another mentor. Sometimes it's to try and continue the good work done with their first mentor and sometimes it's to get a different perspective on the business issues with a fresh pair of eyes. Or perhaps just to have the benefit of a sounding board to discuss business issues with once again.  It may also be that you are currently being mentored and are considering extending into a second year or more. Either way, the case is strong to keep benefitting from mentoring.

Whatever the reason, we will be delighted to renew your service or try and match you up with another suitable mentor so please either email ( or call Teresa or Charlotte (01202 607530) us, or complete the brief form here.