A formula to clinch your elevator pitch

Do you struggle with your ‘elevator’ pitch? Here’s your solution!
It can be hard to communicate what makes your brand unique and different than your competitiors in a short and simple way. By Go Live HQ have produced a brilliant formula for producing your Brand Bio……
 Use this one-sentence Brand Bio on your website, social media
profiles and when people ask, “What do you do?”
All too often a brand message is either too long, too vague, too mundane, too confusing, too un-relatabe, too inconsistent or even worse, non-existent. The website viewer might be even more confused about what your business does than they were before they visited your website.
What Happens When People Don’t Understand What You Do:
01 – They leave your website quickly because they don’t
want to spend time trying to figure it out.
02 – They don’t tell others about what you do because
they don’t know either.
03 – They don’t trust you, because they don’t get it.
04 – Ultimately, they don’t buy from you because they
don’t trust you.
Help your potential customers know exactly what you do within 3-5 seconds of landing
on your website with our easy Brand Bio Formula.
My/Our (unique adjective) __________
(your product or service) _________________________
(what your customer will get or accomplish starting with a strong verb)__________________________
so you can (how your product or service will change your customer’s life) ____________________.
Here is a great example of a brand bio using this formula:
Our organic (unique adjective) soy candles (product or service) ignite peace and hospitality (what the customer will get or accomplish starting with a strong verb) so you can make a house a home (how it will change the customers life)”
Ideas for where your brand bio should be:
01 – Near The Top Of Your Home Page
Within 3-5 seconds of landing on your site, you want your potential customer to know exactly what your business does. Make sure the Brand Bio is near the top!
02 – Your Instagram & Other Social Media Descriptions
You’re often limited with how many characters you can use in these places, so a concise, consistent description that tells your audience EXACTLY what you do at
the top of your profile is key.
03 – Email Signature
Close every communication with your customers or clients with clear messaging that’s consistent across the board.
04 – Business Card Or Various Print Collateral
You never want to give someone your business card and have them forget what service or product you were oering them in the moment. Give them a little help with a reminder on the back of your business card.
05 – When People Ask “What Do You Do?”
Instead of blanking out or rambling on, you can be prepared with an answer that’s clear, straight to the point, and easy to understand.